Save lives of the girl children

Supply relief the flood affected helpless women from mobile relief program of Foundation

We can change of them from extrem poverty for humanity.

Free supply foods to the poor and low-income families from Organization

Donate solar power & lights for the Educational Institute

Communities are leading and innovating simple practices to save themselves and thier homes from flood in Northern Bangladesh

We committed to save lives, fight for the rights of minorities and change the community of Bangladesh.

Save lives of the girl children

Free supply of Food to the low income families

We can change and develop of them from extreme poverty using family planning of Non user women of Bangladesh.

A part of the team of Mobarok Foundation

Supply school stationary and bag to the poor and helpless children

We can change of the Slums’ Dwellers who live in extreme poverty in Dhaka to develop of fundamental rights of people in Bangladesh.

Supply school stationary and bag to the helpless children and orphans

We can change of them from poverty to strengthen communities of Bangladesh.

A little economic help to change of the poverty women

A part of the team of Mobarok Foundation

Supply free healthy and nutrition foods and 1 time meal to the vulnerable children and poor women

To fight for stopping early marrage in Bangladesh

Rohingya Migrants in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

The students are very happy learning in school of Organization.

Free supply solar power and lights to the families, students who live in extreme poverty and educational intuitions

Message of CEO

There are more than 168 million people live in Bangladesh now. There are about 53 million hard-core poor people living in the rural areas, 4 million hard-core people live in the urban areas. The density of population per square kilometer is 800. The annual growth rate of the population has come down to 1.75%, crude birth rate per 1000 is 25.6 and death rate is 8.1. 41 out of 1000 children die before their 5th birthday. A parent earns an average of just $2 a day.

Floods and cyclones like SIDR frequently cause severe damage to lives and livelihoods, especially to the poor women who remain particularly vulnerable. Most of them work in Agriculture, daily worker, labor, fisherman, handicrafts worker and household. They are facing and fighting for food, shelter, water, health, education, unemployment problems in every moment and even energy power crisis after sunset in very poor rural and coastal areas.

There are more than 50 thousand children and newborn under 5 in project area and more than 1 million children, adolescents and women who live in extreme poverty and they are living in extreme poverty. They suffer from life-threatening diseases like Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Malaria, Infections & HIV-infections, Lacking of food & nutrition because of poor parents and family, lacking nutrition, treatment and careless. They are ignorant for their poverty.

Education is the birth right of the children and It is the light and back-bone of a nation. No nation can make progress without it. Thus to get development, every citizen of a nation should obtain education and health. Health is the condition of our body and mind and good health means healthy body free from diseases. It is essential for the children to lead their happy life. So, we can change and protect the poor and helpless children from fatal diseases for developing children and minority rights in Bangladesh.

Education is the light. It dispels the ignorance of anything Education enlightens their life and refines our sensibilities. It helps the children to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Education helps to create brotherly feelings and universal relations. We committed to ensure the free education and health care services providing opportunity of the poor children whose are live in poverty.

One the other hand, almost half of our total population is/are females. We should not keep them away from development process. They have a great contribution to build up the nation. But the poor women and girls whose are living in poverty cannot receive the full benefits of education. There are some reasons behind it, First of all, religious misinterpretation and social strictures often prevent girls from going to school. Secondly, early marriage and child birth are obstacles to female education; some parents consider female education as wastage of money and wealth. Moreover, some poor parents do not want to educate their daughters. In spite of this socio-economic condition, we should ensure female education for our bright future.

Child labour is a curse of modern civilization. It will be violation of children’s rights. Child labor is abomination and if should be stopped at any cost from our county. Extreme poverty and need of survival compel children to engage themselves as laborers. Parents and guardians cannot provide them with food and clothes. Child labour is really a shameful matter for the people of our country Bangladesh. The children of Bangladesh are engaged in many types of work. They are helpers of buses or tempos, garments workers, households, helpers of bricklayers or welders. They are also hawkers, fruit sellers, flower peddlers and day laborer.

We are fighting for the children, women and the disability people who live in extreme poverty. We committed to save lives of children, free education, care health and empower the women for change of them for healthy and better life and security of them, strengthening our society and community in Bangladesh.


Mohammad Humaun Kabir
Chair and CEO- Mobarok Health and Education Foundation

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