There are about 53 million hard-core poor people living in the rural areas in Bangladesh. 4 million hard-core people live in the urban areas.


MOBAROK HEALTH & EDUCATON FOUNDATON is a non-profitable Health and Education Foundation of Bangladesh for the children, newborn, girls, women, low income families & daily workers in Bangladesh. We want to change and improve them, who are helpless, hungry and landless. We want to protect and save lives of them, who have been suffer from life-threatening diseases like Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Malaria, Infections & HIV-infections, Lacking of food & nutrition, Disabilities and Gender equality of boys and girls.

Education is the birth right of children and it is the light and back-bone of a nation. Education enlightens children’s life, refines their sensibilities and helps them differentiate between right and wrong. It is a catalyst that leads them to the better. Education helps create brotherly feelings and universal relations. In fact, we are excellent teaching the rural, street, slums’ children & autistic children providing free books, pens, bags, toys etc. & food stuffs in Bangladesh.

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