• To provide the treatment & medicine, education, financial and other assistance to the very poor, helpless & rootless children, infant, newborn baby and women with free of cost and to ascertain their rights to live in the society especially to extend the ideal education among the people of the country. And to establish the many folding education project/institution, teaching center, old education/vocational training center, research academy, orphanage, alms-house, old home with a view to breadth the child education, women education, autistic child and children education, slum dwellers, rootless child and children education, vocational education, medical education etc. with multipurpose education.
  • Arrange the child & women health care service up to the union stage and to ascertain the providence of all-time doctor, nurse and necessary medicine in the Thana & union health center. To creates the opportunity for safe child birth of the pregnant mother in every Thana and to reach out the health service to all and anywhere through the enhancement of primary health care system. To arrange the health care service for the poor community and specific demanded people and to ascertain the security and health care for the aged community of the country.
  • To execute public welfare activities such as to establish health care and medical center for impoverished mother & infant and hospital, community hospital, charity hospital, clinic, medical center, mobile hospital for instant treatment and eye hospital. Provide treatment and medicine to the poor patients with free of cost. Provide assistance, control, conduct and implementation in order to setup/establish/construct the Greco, herbal, homeopathic & allopathic factory. And to work together with Bangladesh government along with the several international organization of world in order to treat the AIDS & HIV affected patients along with to make resistance and creates public awareness.
  • To provide relief, treatment & financial assistance among the natural disaster affected people such as- flood, cyclone, flow tide, earthquake, and cold wave etc. of Bangladesh. And to work together with Bangladesh government along with several countries & international organizations of the world with a view to change and improve the global weather & climate along with Bangladesh.
  • To ascertain the supply of pure drinking water (arsenic and germ free) and to mark the arsenic pollution, provide treatment and take step for prevention.
  • To provide financial assistance in order to establish the prayer center for the people of several religion, cast and community. To teach and rehabilitate the orphans, establish scholarship providing project for the poor and brilliant students, to set up the modern digital library/mobile library for the teacher and general people and to increase the rate of literacy inspiring the student/aged distributing the books among them with free of cost after printing/publishing the books.
  • To take the step for the rehabilitation of the physically & mentally suffered/handicapped, disabled, miserable, bagger and prostitute of the society along with to take the helpful and necessary step for proper supervision and rehabilitation of the widow and divorced miserable women and cooperate for the dowerless marriage, prevent child marriage and provide financial assistance to the adult daughter belonging father.
  • To provide training upon the social developing and practical activities and provide financial assistance with a view to fill up the employment facilities along with other basic needs such as- food, cloths, accommodation, education, treatment and entertainment. To arrange the rehabilitation, housing and self-employment for river corrosion landless, poor and miserable community.

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