We are an essential part of the change that the world needs, helping kids grow up healthy, educated, empowered and employed.


There are more than 168 million people live in Bangladesh. There are about 53 million hard-core poor people living in the rural areas, 4 million hard-core people live in the urban areas. The density of population per square kilometer is 800. The annual growth rate of the population has come down to 1.75%, crude birth rate per 1000 is 25.6 and death rate is 8.1. 41 out of 1000 children die before their 5th birthday. A parent earns an average of just $2 a day.


Floods and cyclones frequently cause severe damage to lives and livelihoods, especially to the poor women who remain particularly vulnerable. Most of them work in Agriculture, Garments’ factory, daily worker, labor and households. They can’t receive and get the free services of health, contraceptive, pregnancy, STI, HIV because there is no any free service centre in their area.


There are more than 1 million children and newborn under 5 in project area and more than 1 million children, adolescents and women who live in extreme poverty and they are poor and helpless. They suffer from life-threatening diseases like Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Malaria, Infections & HIV-infections, Lacking of food & nutrition because of poor parents and family, lacking nutrition, treatment and careless. They are ignorant for their poverty.

Education is the birth right of the children and It is the light and back-bone of a nation. No nation can make progress without it. Thus to get development, every citizen of a nation should obtain education and health.  Health is the condition of our body and mind and good health means healthy body free from diseases. It is essential for the children to lead their happy life. So, we are fighting to protect and save lives, reduce from poverty and ignorant of the poor and helpless children, human and minority rights in Bangladesh for change of them.

While Bangladesh has made significant progress in addressing national health and education challenges over the past three decades of its independence, the country remains one of the world’s children between five and 14 have to work to help their families survive. These limitations are compounded when populations are forced to seek their livelihoods in remote and disaster-prone areas where they are at high risk each year.


There are more than 2 million children, girls, adolescents and women live at the hundreds slums, huts and street in area Dhaka. They live in extreme poverty. They work in Garments’ factory, some of them households, bricklayers, fruit sellers, flower peddlers on the street, daily worker and laborer in other factories, some of them are begging on the street. They don’t get the full benefits of education and health.

MOBARAK HEALTH & EDUCATON FOUNDATON is a non-profitable Health and Education Foundation in Bangladesh for the poor and helpless children, newborn, girls, adolescents, women, and low income families, hungry, landless & daily workers in Bangladesh. We are protecting and saving lives of them who suffer from life-threatening diseases like Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Malaria, Infections & HIV-infections, Lacking of food & nutrition, Disabilities and Gender equality of boys and girls.


Education is the birth right of children and it is the light and back-bone of a nation. Education enlightens children’s life, refines their sensibilities and helps them differentiate between right and wrong. It is a catalyst that leads them to the better. Education helps create brotherly feelings and universal relations. In fact, we are fighting for reduce poverty, ignorant and healthy life of the poor and helpless rural, street and slums’ children providing free books, pens, bags, toys, food stuffs and opportunity in Bangladesh.


This organization is a charitable, non-profitable, non-political, non-governmental education, health and several charities doing organization. And its purpose is to conduct several social development activities for different class people of the area or society including the entire nations, religions, caste, descents by voluntary action initiatives after creating the unity, discipline and co-operative environment.

  • To provide life-saving assistance in the wake of disasters; save lives and protect of the newborn, children and pregnant mother from life-threatening diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, HIV-infections etc.;
  • To help nutrition problem of them for the major causes of maternal, newborn and child death and nutrition programs that save children’s lives and ensure them grow up healthy;
  • To develop and ensure the food supply, farming practices and finances of the poor family
  • Ensure and help water, sanitation, hygienic and financial services;
  • Develop and contribute more to gender equality;
  • To ensure primary and secondary education providing free teaching, books, pens, bags, supply nutritious food, educational toys of the poor and helpless children and adolescents;
  • Financial help to improve condition of the poor family, workers and women who live in poverty;
  • To stop early death of newborn, children and during pregnancy of mothers, provide Family Planning and contraception of women and adolescents in Bangladesh;
  • To work and help with the government of Bangladesh for Climate change in Bangladesh.
  • To supply free in cost water, solar power and lights, set and services in educational institutes, charity and religion centers;
  • To provide relief, treatment & financial assistance among the natural disaster affected people;
  • To ascertain the supply of pure drinking water (arsenic and germ free) and to mark the arsenic pollution;
  • To provide financial assistance in order to establish the prayer center for the people of several religion, cast and community;
  • To teach and rehabilitate the orphans, establish scholarship providing project for the poor and brilliant students;
  • To set up the modern digital library/mobile library for the teacher and general people to increase the rate of literacy inspiring the student/aged distributing the books among them with free of cost after printing/publishing the books;
  • To take the step for the rehabilitation of the physically & mentally suffered/handicapped, disabled, miserable, bagger of the society along with to take the helpful and necessary step for proper supervision and rehabilitation of the widow and divorced miserable women and cooperate for the dowerless marriage, prevent child marriage and provide financial assistance to the adult daughter belonging father;
  • To provide training upon the social developing and practical activities and provide financial assistance with a view to fill up the employment facilities along with other basic needs such as- food, cloths, accommodation, education, treatment and entertainment;
  • To arrange the practice and nourishment of local culture and to improve the local culture through the regular motivation programs. Besides these, to show respect to the religion, caste, language and culture of the community of several countries and to encourage them;
  • To arrange the rehabilitation, housing and self-employment for river corrosion landless, poor and miserable community;
  • The Excellence Award Programs for the national and international social Leaders of the NGO, , Life Sever, Doctor, Teachers, Journalists and NGOs whose work has displayed exceptional talent and ability


To ascertain the rights of food, cloth, health, education, entertainment and accommodation for the appeared population and impecunious child, women, family and disability people of Bangladesh and to provide their security. To bring back the solvency of poor & helpless family, women, labor of Bangladesh by financial assistance, inspire to make much production in agriculture and industrial sector creates the opportunity of employment by several vocational training and inspire in works.


In spite of this socio-economic condition, we committed to change of the poor, helpless and vulnerable children women, landless and low-income families, and disability people who live in extreme poverty; to fight for the human Rights of them and make communities stronger.




Table –1: Poverty in Bangladesh:


  Extremely poor (lower poverty level) All Poor (upper poverty level)
  1991-92 1995-96 1991-92 1995-96
National (%) 42.7 35.6 58.8 53.1
Rural (%) 46.0 39.8 61.2 56
Urban (%) 23.3 14.3 44.9 35.0


Table –2: Categories and Characteristics of the Rural Poor

Categories of Rural Poor Characteristics of the poor
Extremely Poor

22.7 % of rural households


Daily calorie intake < 1800 K cal

Land ownership up to 15 decimals

Per capita annual income (1994) Tk 3757

Food deficit status: Chronic

Moderately Poor

29.2 % of Rural Household

Daily calorie intake < 2112 K cal

Land ownership up to 50 decimals

Per capita annual income ( 1994) Tk 6287

Food deficit status: Occasional

Tomorrow’s Poor

21 % of Rural Bangladesh

30 – 40 % above poverty line

Land ownership up to 1.5 decimals

Per capita annual income ( 1994) Tk 8368

Food deficit status: Break even

We must stop it to build up a prosperous and healthy nation. So, we committed to ensure the excellent education and health care for the children whose are live in extreme poverty at the Slums and Society in Bangladesh.

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